Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Camping with the Cub Scouts ... Not Me!

This weekend I DID go camping with the WEBELOS.  All ten of them.  Ranging from 9-11.  And 3 Boy Scouts ages 12 to 14.  In the spirit of MckMama's Not Me Mondays, here's the story of Friday Night.

I DID NOT let a bunch of the boys pile into my van Friday Night and send their parents on ahead to meet us at camp.  I would never volunteer to drive an 11 passenger van full of young boys up to a campground with no backup.  Nope ... someone else should volunteer for that job.

I definately did not forget my wallet at home and have to drag that van full of Scouts, pulling a trailer, past MY HOUSE so I could get gas.

And, after getting gas, that was NOT ME broken down by the side of the road, my serpentine belt having given out with no warning, calling those self same parents to come get their kids.  And someone else had to call Adam to bring the truck to come rescue me.

I would never abandon leave Adam by the side of the road with a broken down van while I took the truck and the trailer up to camp with me.  That'd be downright rude!

The rest of the trip went very well!  Look for an upcoming blog about it as soon as I get the pictures downloaded!

        aka: goofdad

PS: Here's a shout out to my deadbeat friend Mark ... he's been literally CRYING into my phone because he's not mentioned in my blog ... so now you are.  I would never call any of my friends a PANSY.  Not me...not on Monday!


Dellilah said...

Oh my! What a crazy start to your weekend!

Its very nice that you would never call your friend a pansy, though its a lot nicer than anything I would never call my friends. ;-)

Arizona Mamma said...

Just wanted to stop and say I saw a comment you left at This Daddy's Blog regarding MckDaddy's post, and I loved it. Couldn't agree more.

Get a sentiments exactly!

Mark said...

About time I got a mention... LOL
PANSY.... Ha

S. K. said...

WOW! I'm so glad I was on retreat. I missed a lu-lu, didn't I ?