Monday, March 1, 2010

How to be a total jerk to your wife

Sorry to say it but I screwed the pooch last week.  Anyone who knows me knows that this never happens to me (wait, is this still not me Monday?).  Tonight is my first chance to make it up to her … any suggestions?


Wednesday before last, my wife went in to have a minor surgery.  I stayed with her the whole time.  They had to run some tests afterwards, which they said would be back Friday or Monday, and that she should come in on the next Wed (ie, last Wed) to get her stitches out.  Friday rolled around, and I asked if she’d heard back.  “No” was all I got.  Monday, same.  On Tuesday, I mentioned that I was concerned, and that maybe she should call in for the test results.  She said she could wait.

The Screw-up:

Wednesday came around, and I got busy.  Then Thursday I was coming home and wanted to go out, but she said the babysitter cancelled so we couldn’t.  So, I made plans with Ethan and Topher to take them to a school thing.  Then they blew me off (teenagers …) and the babysitter showed, so we ended up going out anyway.  Friday morning on my way out the door to work she finally says:

“Aren’t you going to ask how it went at the doctors?  Don’t you care?”



She didn’t tell me over dinner Thursday ‘cuz she didn’t want to cry about it in the restaurant.  Great.

To make it worse, my day was already running late.  I needed to run out the door as it was so I could make it back to go camping with the Cub Scouts.  I had a meeting on Friday that had taken me 2 weeks to set up.  I couldn’t just blow it off.

Between unpacking from camping, getting some cleaning done, taking Topher to go see his former Foster Parents (look for a post later on how this went), getting tired whiny brats angels to bed … you know, mostly the usual shit with 9 kids … I didn’t have a thing I could do last night to make it better.

So … tonight it is.  I’m headed home about 45 mins earlier than normal.  I’d like to do something nice for her … I’m open to suggestions.

If you see a blog entry from me tomorrow … you’ll know I at least survived …
       aka: goofdad

PS: The tests came back fine ... She's going to be OK.  It's just that I didn't ask (like a damn fool).


Eric said...

I eventually stopped complimenting my wife's eyebrows after she gets them done.

Not that I'm a jerk, but because I can't tell the difference from when she walks in and then walks out.

life happens. we have a lot of appointments too. sometimes if it's not brought up on one end, it's forgotten on the other end that an event even occurred.

good luck with that make up stuff..

This Daddy said...

Sit and talk and hold and just wait for the storm to pass.