Friday, March 26, 2010


So ... I've been trying to figure out how to wrap up my week in my Friday Posts, and I think I'm going to start making a list, every Friday, about what my kids are doing or have done in the last week.  It can be special, funny, or just normal ... depending on the week and the kid.

Since last Friday:

Jory has been helping around the house, and mostly has been glued to the PS3 plaing his newest game: Brutal Legend.  I'm about ready to hide the disc from him to get a little more help out of him, but hey: It's Spring Break.

Adam got back together with Ashley.  Kindof.  Well, it won't be official until after Prom, because she's going with someone else, but after that.  I'm confused.

Julian has been working on a new pattern for a Chanimail belt.  For those who can follow, it's a 4-in-1 English weave done in small rings, with large rings running down the center attached with an 8-in-1 japanese weave to the 4-in-one on the sides.  Confused yet?  Actually, I'm not, but it's looking gorgeous, and I'll post pictures when it's done!

Ethan is enjoying his new drum set ... that is until I took it down for fighting with his sister.  We'll be putting it back up tonight.  Black drums with black heads ... sexy looking.

Topher has been playing WOW all week.  He visited his mom last night, because we don't have a no-contact order for now, and that went well, but other than that I need a shirt that says "Hi Pops!" across the shoulders, 'cuz that's all I see of him...

Sylvia  ... WHO? ... oh, yeah, I have a daughter by that name.  She has been at a friends house every night this week.  I think the only time I saw her was when I got home Wednesday night after just having rented New Moon.  She grabbed it, and then said "Amber, can we go to your house and watch this?!?!?" and was off again.  I love you!  Bye!  LOL.

Douglas planted plants for the Cub Scouts on Tuesday, helped me give Bammy's dog cookie her meds on Wed, and has been an all-around helpful dude all week!

Annika spent 99.999% of the week either at Bammy's or getting ready to go to Bammy's.  I saw her more over there than I did at home.  But when she was home, she was desperate for some Mom-n-Dad time, so she slept on the toddler bed in our room ... which was cute, except for the fact it's Kaleigh's bed ...

Kaleigh actually slept in her own bed for 2 nights this week.  We need her to get in the habit, so that when/if we get Topher's nephew (Joshua, who will be called "Hunter") he isn't kicking her out of her place with us.  We'll see how that goes.

So ... overall ... we had a fun week.  The kids had a great time for Spring Break.  I survived missing them.

C'est La Vie!

        aka: goofdad


This Daddy said...

That is a good list. A long list and a good one. Fridays are always good.

S. K. said...

I missed time with Sylvia this week--only 1 day--but I'd like to tell you what Annika did over here. She read about 14 of those annoyin, uh, cute little hooked on Phonics books. For a reward we went to the...wait for it...library! where she read 3 more and checked out four + a kit with books, video and audio. That sight vocab should be here soon. Mom