Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Where do you find a bee at the end of March in Oregon?  Apparently at my kids' school!  And who would find it?  Kaleigh, of course!  And ... who is allergic?  Until this weekend, we didn't know it, but: Kaleigh, of course!  It all started when Rick called me Friday Morning.  You see, he and Kiwi decided Thursday night to come up and visit for a couple days (Sat night through Tues morning).

So ... the question was: could we get the house presentable and get a Dungeons & Dragons game together with level 15ish characters all between Friday at noon and Saturday at 6ish.  Of course we can!

I immediately called Mousie, who started generating characters.  I started researching an adventure.  I also called the kids to straighten up the house ... remember those piles of laundry?  Don't stress about putting it away for now ... just get it out of the livingroom!  Make the main parts of the house acceptable for company, and away we go!

What, you may ask, does all this have to do with Bees?  Well, you see, during the mad rush to straighten up the house on Saturday, Sylvia and Amber had the brilliant idea to take Annika, Kaleigh, and Walter to the school (2 blocks away) to play safely on the playground.  I figured getting the little ones out from under foot was well worth the loss of the two girls (who, admittedly, were already spending most of their time chasing the little ones anyway).  I handed them the extra cell phone (yes, we have one of those) and sent them on their way.

Sure enough, the cleaning got done much faster.  They made it to the school just fine, played for a while, and then the impossible happened.

Kaleigh, on a blustery day in March in Oregon, managed to find a bee and convince it to sting her (probably not that hard for a four year old).  She got stung right next to the webbing between her thumb and her index finger.  We got the call, got her home, and took care of it.  By the time we got home from church on Sunday, though, her hand had swollen to almost twice it's normal size, and was red and angry.

So ... off to the ER, just to be sure.  They said pour Benadryl down her like it's going out of style, and ice it, and she'll be fine.  They also said get a medalert bracelet.  Since she's had an allergic reaction, chances are the next one could be worse.  We now get to talk to our regular doctor for a second opinion, and then we have to decide if we should start carrying an epi-pen.


BTW, the D&D game came off well ... 7 hours of pure combat for 9 players.  Kids had more fun than some of the adults, but most everyone had a good time.

YES, we pulled it off.  And we survived the experience.  That's what family is for, right? 

        aka: goofdad


Mark said...

Gamed without me will you.....

I am hurt.....

or am I????


This Daddy said...

Sorry about her hand. That is some serious stuff. It stung her cause she must BEE that sweet

jennifer said...

Poor bee-stung child! The smallest, most succulent kids are always the first victims. Or maybe it's because they can't run as fast.

Did anyone end up hiding the laundry in the oven? I've heard of that happening before...with bad results :)

Keith Wilcox said...

My boy got stung by a bee (but in the middle of summer) on his foot when he stepped on it. It was his first time, and every parent is always worried what the reaction will be. He didn't have any reaction at all which I was grateful for. But, It's always a disconcerting feeling to know there'll eventually be something that comes up that's serious. I hope yours isn't too reactive. Epi pens suck (my next door neighbor has a peanut allergy)