Monday, March 22, 2010

The perfect babysitter

Sortof ... anyway, it’s time for:

This actually happened a couple weeks ago, but I've been waiting for the perfect time to share, and today seemed like it.  We were in the process of closing down the shop, so we were rushing around on a fine Sunday, getting to Church, getting back, headed to the shop to clean-up, etc.

At a time like that, I would NEVER decide not to argue with Jory and to leave him home with Kaleigh.  After all, Church is a family event, and the convenience of leaving a babysitter home with the baby so I didn’t have to get either one out the door would not be appealing, would it?
And, when my wife said “I’ll head to the shop, you check on Jory and Kaleigh”, I would never just walk in and glance at them lying on the bed, snuggled in together, watching TV and sneak out without even saying “Hi”.  Without even looking at what they were watching.
And, when my wife asked “What were they doing?” … “watching a movie together.” … “Which one?” … quick phone call … “Umm … The Godfather II”.  NO.  We would never condone that.  That would be a totally inappropriate movie for a 20 year old to be watching with a 4 year old, right?
Even if it WAS keeping her quiet?

I'm happy to report: she survived … with minimal scarring …

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goofdad said...

For those not in the know:

Yes, we let our kids watch practically ANYTHING. It stems from a parenting argument we had with my wife's ex-husband, who showed my step-sons a movie that gave them nightmares. The courts told us that "it's a custodial decision, and thus he's within his rights."

So, the decision was to let them watch things at their dad's house and deal with the aftermath of the great unknown, or watch whatever they wanted to together and have a chance to talk about things as they come up. We chose the latter.

The ironic part is: He now gets mad at US for letting them watch movies he doesn't approve of! LOL!

jennifer said...

Well, the good news is, my 15 year old told me just yesterday that The Godfather is rated the #1 movie of all time on the IMDB website. So if your little ones must watch something inappropriate, let it be the masterpiece among classics!

Dellilah said...

Too cute!

Keith Wilcox said...

The Godfather II. That's a new one, man! Hey, whatever works, right? :-)