Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Musical Fantasy

Last night, the fourth grade classes at our local school presented their play.  Going in, the sum total review I got was “Douglas’ play is really cute.  You need to see it Wednesday nite” from Bammy.

Understatement.  This was a production of monumental proportions (at least for a group of 4 graders, that is).  How did this happen and I didn’t know about it ahead of time?!?!

There were sets that included 10’ tall pillars, thrones, and backdrops.  There were costumes galore.  There was even a “curtain” made up of 3’ tall banners, each sewn with an individual letter to spell out “Rumpelstiltskin”.  The play itself was primarily the Rumpelstiltskin story, but included about a metric load of other fairytales as well.  Douglas played Rip Van Winkle (whose only line was a snoreand one of the lords of the castle during the Rumpelstiltskin part (more lines, no snoring).

Here’s a picture taken during the play.  Since there are a lot of kids on stage, I thought I’d help you figure out which one was mine!  Actually, I left the picture un-cropped because I wanted you to see the costumes and the set.  Mics and stage speakers ... for a 4th grade production!?!?

This was one of the court scenes, and you can see the pillars and the throne in the background!

And here is another picture of Douglas as part of the support choir during another scene.  See the curtain piece in the background (red arrows)?  Awesome!

The storyline was cute.  The humor and modern twists were fun for both the kids and the audience.  The musical productions were impressive.  I had a wonderful time, even though I was about 5 minutes late.
I’m glad I went.  I’m sad, though, too.

This all happened without me knowing it ahead of time.  This 90 minute commute … this 11-13 hours away from my kids every day … it’s GOT TO STOP.  My contract is up in June, and I’m going to have to explain that if they can’t deal with me working remote 60%+ of the time, don’t bother offering to renew it.

I honestly don’t think I can survive much more.

        aka: goofdad


Eric said...

For two years, I missed my son's baseball games. I couldn't make a practice, I rarely made a game. All because of work and the crappy schedule I was on. Last august I switched departments (stepped down from a supervisor position) to be with my family more. Now in a few weeks, I'll be working at home all week.

Dellilah said...

Eek! What a big thing to almost miss. Amazing that you were able to make it.