Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Randomness and Cynicism

Stealing my title from Juggling Eric ... thanks, my friend ... it's how I feel today.  Nothing prepared to write about, and lots of little thoughts running through my head ...

It's Spring Break ... all my kids are home (or off with friends and family), and I'm still stuck commuting.  80+ miles each way.  To a job I'm growing to hate more and more each day.  I'm working for a company that has been having A/C problems for months, but hasn't fixed it ... so we had to buy BOX FANS to keep the machines in the server room from overheating and crashing.  No shit ... really.  What's it going to be like in June?  This Sucks!

Last night I was so exhausted that after fighting with Topher for behaving like a twerp, I came in, cooked dinner, and went to bed.  I so wanted to log onto WOW to hang with friends, but I've been trying to not get sick, because I can't afford it.  That means that instead of giving in to feeling like crap and getting it over with, I'm stretching it out ... yeah, that's better.

I even forgot to call Kiwi on her birthday last night ... after chatting with her during the day to find a good time to call.  Yeah ... pick an expletive to put here.

As my grandfather used to say: I'd have to feel better in order for them to bury me ...

Topher started counseling yesterday ... it sounds like the counselor and he hit it off, and after talking with her it sounds like she'll put a stronger no-contact in place.  I think that'd be good for him.

Enough for one day ... I'm barely surviving this random crud ... I shouldn't subject you to more ...

        aka: goofdad


Emily said...

Ah Doug... I feel your pain. The good news is that I rarely have two bad days in a row. But that said, it sounds like there are some potential changes that could make your life infinitely better? 80 miles each way? Ugh. Sometimes just starting to think about making some changes helps my disposition. Not sure you have the luxury of actually making major changes at this point -- but its fun to think about them

Eric said...

Was a Meme just started???

Use it as often as you like.

jennifer said...

Ugh. Too much stuff going wrong. At least your heart is in the right place and you still have the energy to do things like cook dinner. You did not say "nuke" so I'm assuming fresh ingredients were involved. And that is quite an accomplishment at the end of a long, crummy day.

I do love your grandfather's quote. Never heard that before - classic!