Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's only hair, right?

He was celebrating being home.
Nothing more ... this is just a Wordless Wednesday ;-)

First, he sprayed it white (found a can of halloween hair-spray)

Then, he dyed it (with Christina's help)

He even did his nails to match (don't have a pic of that) ... Whatever ...
-- Insert pithy quote about survival here --

        aka: goofdad


goofdad said...

OK...I can't leave it wordless (does this surprise anybody)?

I just looked and noticed ... he has a different smile in each picture.

Sometimes it's like having a baby ... I'm noticing things about him, learning as I go. I can tell you that the smirk in the first pic means "look what I did", the shit eating grin in the second "I can't believe you're letting me get away with this" and the third is a content, at peace smile.

Glad I can share them all!

This Daddy said...

The biggest thing you said is

He has a smile in each picture

Dellilah said...

He should have dyed it fuchsia and then painted his nails to match that, lol. :)
Great that you guys had a fun night after such a hard day!