The big questions I asked in my first post still stand.  Who am I? and Why should you care?  Their answers, however, have changed a little.  So, here goes ... I'll try to answer:

Who am I?

I'm Pops!

I'm a step-biological-foster father to an ever growing family.  My wife and I currently have 9 kids living at home.

Unless it's relative to the post at hand, you will never hear me refer to any of my kids as my step children, or my foster children ... they're all mine and they're all family!

I'm a Husband!

I married my High School sweetheart, the girl I fell in love with 20+ years ago.  Between High School and Marriage, she got married to someone else, had kids, and got divorced.  I went to college and got a degree in a field that makes enough to support my large family. 

I'm a geek!

I program computers for a living.  I am starting a new job that will allow me to work full time at home, so I can spend more time being "Pops!" and "Husband".  I'm so excited ... I can't stop shouting "Yahoo!"

I'm a dad-blogger!

When I first started, I didn't know of many other blogs by fathers out there.  I still haven't seen another "large family" dad!  Father of Five comes close ... I remember when I thought 5 was a large family!  But, let's just say my perspective is different.

I'm Doug!

As I said in my first post: I'm loud, sarcastic, arrogant bordering on narcissistic, crazy, and I hope sometimes funny.  I'm also occasionally foul mouthed, hurting, angry, or falling apart.

This blog has become far more than I ever expected.  I started it as a journal ... to let go of my pain and move forward.  Now, it's become a way to reach out.  My friends and followers and fellow bloggers are the child to my starfish, so that I can turn to my family and be the child to theirs.

Why should you care?

A part of me still likes my first answer --> you shouldn't.

But that belies my last point ... this blog has become more than just a journal.  You should care if you find something here that resonates with you.  You should care because you likely found your way here because I found you and care about you.  You should care because sometimes, between the gruff attitude and the self-serving whining, I actually post something worth reading.

Or not ...

If not, then go find a blog that resonates with you and you can care about.  My friends, followers, and I will survive fine without you ...

        aka: goofdad