Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the award goes to:

On Monday, Sylvia’s Girl Scout group had an awards ceremony.

Someday, I’ll post about all the little things that bother me about the differences between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  I have enough experiences with both to have some pretty strong opinions.  But today, I just want to be one proud daddy.

Sylvia was part of the flag ceremony.  When they lit candles to talk about the Girl Scout Law, she got to go twice because they didn’t have quite enough girls and she’s one of the older ones.  However, she didn’t stand still long enough for me to snap a picture of either of those ;-)

Here she is receiving her swag from the nut sales earlier in the year.

And here her leader is presenting her with all the badges that she’s earned since the last awards night.

I was very pleased.  She earned a ton of badges, which I don't know all the names of (sorry).  But most of all, she was happy and exicited (you can tell from the smile and the fact that she couldn't keep her hands still).  That makes me happy, and excited.

A good time was had by all, right down to the refreshments at the end.  Then, after refreshments, her leader told me she had a volunteer project she wanted MY help on.  Cub Scouts were bad enough … now I have to survive Girl Scouts, too?!?!?

        aka: goofdad


Douglas said...

No sympathy there. You are the one who had daughters!

S. K. said...

Ya know...I didn't picture myself as doing BSA for 15 years either. Ay least it's not thankless. look at those pictures!
no sympathy, a little envy.