Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm back, and should be back with vigor.  My absenteeism was totally worth it, but I'm now bustling with stories to tell.

What a busy two weeks it's been since I last did this!  So, here is a rundown of what the parenting survival family has been doing during these two weeks:

So, for those that have missed us (and, for those that haven't):

Jory broke up with his girlfriend.  He's been a grouch, and a pain to live with.  This shall pass, but it sucks for now.

Adam got together with his friends and recorded their first CD.  While I’m not expecting double platinum or anything, I’m hoping it does well enough for them to call it a success.  I’m already so damn proud of him it hurts!

Julian was invited to enter his chain-mail into the school art competition.  He’s basing it off of the one found here, but like any artist he’s re-imagining that and making it his own.  Among other things, he’s using colored titanium rings to make it light and colorful, like a real dragonfly.  Watch this space for pictures of the work in progress / finished product.

Johne has joined the family, kind-of.  While I am not currently in a position to foster him, he is in a bad situation and I’m going to do my best to help him.  More on this later.

Ethan is slowly coming to terms with the fact that while he doesn’t get as much dad time as he did before Topher moved in, he’s still my son, and I’m still proud of everything he’s done.  When his ex-girlfriend said last weekend that she was considering dumping Topher and going back to Ethan, he said “NO”, that he was tired of the drama she was causing in our family.  He said she could date or dump Topher, as that was her decision, but that he was not interested in the slightest.  He explained that the pain caused by the bouncing back and forth was just not worth it.  THEY DO LEARN!

Topher has recovered from being a total ass, and is now working on being just a regular member of the family.  He’s getting along, keeping up on his school work, sleeping better, and overall seems to be settling in after the blow-up that was the last couple weeks.

Sylvia attended our church’s annual tea last weekend.  She dressed up:
Where in the world did this drop dead gorgeous young thing come from?  I’m going to have to buy a shotgun just to mount over the door, aren’t I … she’s ONLY 11!!!!

Sylvia, Douglas, and Annika all went with Bammy to the agricultural festival last weekend as well.  They had a great time looking at all the animals.  They really, really wanted their faces painted, but the line was upwards of 1/2 hour long to PAY to get your face painted.  Instead, they decided to use Bammy’s face paints (yes, she has face-paints) and do their own … on the way home … in the van.  Annika was a pink Dalmatian, and Douglas got a glorious multi-colored star painted on his face.  All the artwork was done by Sylvia.  While possibly not up to the professional standards of the person charging at the festival, I’m sure they had more fun their way.  I wasn’t smart enough to snap pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Kaleigh has a crush on the newest member of our family, Johne.  It’s really cute … she follows him around, hangs on his feet, etc.  He puts up with her, and even smiles and plays with.  It's incredibly cute!

Chris and I are thinking positive about Yahoo!  We're hoping I landed the gig.  It’s scary and exciting all at the same time.

Surviving together … that’s the key.  Having a great time, doing good works … that’s what it’s all about, right?

        aka: goofdad

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S. K. said...

It was a good week; I particularly liked the tea; a ton O'work, though. and lets see a "professional" face painter wwork in a moving van in the back seat with 3 subjects at once! It was a riot.