Friday, April 16, 2010


So, I enjoyed the Friday Wrap-up I did a couple weeks back, but had some weird weeks in the meantime.  I'm going to TRY again to make my Friday wrapup a regular thing.

Wish me luck!  This week in the Parenting Survival Household:

Jory is getting ready to change jobs ... He's working through a school program and they want him to try several different things.

Adam is realizing that his birthday is coming up and asking for outrageous gifts ... again ...

Julian made a wonderful chain-mail heart ... just for the heck of it:
Here it is next to an altoids can, just for size comparison...
He stores rings in those cans, same as I did when I was in college ;-)

Ethan is happy the quarter is over.  He struggled last quarter and is welcoming a fresh start.

Topher cried.

Sylvia delivered and paid off the last of her Girl Scout cookies.

Douglas wants to move his bed into Adam's room.

Annika is just enjoying life, playing with her brothers and sisters, and having an overall good time.

Kaleigh has taken to kissing me, then wiping her had across her mouth and saying "Eeew" ... then coming back for more.  It's SO FUN!

Chris and I are patiently waiting for Yahoo! to get their HR department to arrange a flight for me to interview.

That's a wrap for this week (or, actually the last couple, but hey...). 

Surviving Together...

        aka: goofdad


Eric said...

My oldest does the whole wiping the kisses off her as well. I thin it's because my constant stubble.

S. K. said...

Sylvia also went to the consecration of the new Episcopal Bishop of Oregon. and amused herself from 9 am to 1:45 pm in an auditorium during various rehearsals by knitting and reading! Whaa a great girl! Bammy, uh, Grandma

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

These updates seem like a good way to help keep it all straight!

BTW - I see a "Bammy" above my comment - that's what my kids call their grandmas!