Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If that's movin up

Mama if that's moving up
then I'm movin out

                                   -- Billy Joel
So ... Jory had his IEP meeting Wednesday Night.  He turns 21 next school year, so that's going to be his last year in the public school system.  They're trying to get him ready for living on his own.  The official stated goal is to have him ready to move out on his own by June 2011.  I'm excited.  I'm scared.  I'm not sure he's ready.  I'm sure I'm not.

Here's a list of what was brought up and how it's going to get tackled.
  • HUD
    Since he's technically disabled, Jory qualifies for help with housing.  Since the HUD waiting list is long, the school is going to help him fill out the paperwork so he can be on the list, and thus get to the top of the list, as quickly as possible.
  • Laundry
    Jory needs to start doing his own laundry. Exclusively. With the old washing machine, he knew how but was never forced to do it. With the new washer, he doesn't even know how (heck ... I barely do). Starting this week, mom needs to back off and teach, so he will be confident and capable.
  • Cooking
    Jory needs to start helping cook.  We've decided to give him Wednesday nights (our Lenten Date Night, which we're going to continue because we enjoy the one night out a week!).  Initially, this will be with mom's help, but she will be backing off over time to make sure he can generate shopping lists, shop, and follow a recipe on his own.
  • More Household Responsibility
    We need Jory to start taking more responsibility around the house.  Among other things, that means we will be asking him to do some more cleaning.  It also means we will be leaning on him rather than Kimberlee to babysit on our Wednesday date nights.
All of this means that Jory will be a busy beaver on Wednesday nights.  He'll be responsible for cooking, cleaning, feeding the crew, and babysitting.

If he can survive that, he should be able to survive on his own, you think?  I hope so!

        aka: goofdad

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