Thursday, March 8, 2012

A rose, by any other name

Would still smell as sweet.


I play WoW, and am not a goldsmith by trade ;-).  So, I’m apt to refer to what my son does as Jewelcrafting, and get him to snap at me and say “It’s called GOLDSMITHING” … complete with appropriate eye rolling.  It’s really fun!

But … whatever you call it, it’s still sweet!  This is his second project at the school he started this week in Portland (80 miles from home).

Julian Offspring

For those that don’t recognize it, it’s the logo for the band “The Offspring”.  In total it measures slightly more than an inch across.


Proud Daddy tonight.  Now if I can only survive him growing up and moving out.

        aka: goofdad

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navybratz1999 said...

Very cool! Awesome job jules