Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lent … why did it have to be Lent

So … as you know, two years ago Topher dropped a bomb on me.  It was part of why I started blogging, and blogging kept me sane.  Last weekend he dropped another bomb on me, so I started writing again.  Tonight he kept it up.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m more approachable, whether it’s just time, or what.  He actually didn’t (until he just looked over my shoulder) know I was blogging … but … damn.

Last week he told me about an incident that happened with his mom.  One he’s been having nightmares about.  One with a police report and newspaper articles attached.  Boy does he have his demons.  It took literally hours of wheedling and cajoling for us to pull it out of him, but we finally got there.  I have the police report on order so I can learn more.  He tried to push everyone in his life away, but we pushed back.

Tonight he started talking to me about his hallucinations.  I’ve known for a while he was hallucinating, but he refused to talk about them.

Ghods … my head is still reeling.  I don’t even have a CLUE how to feel.  But at least now we’re in agreement we’ll be surviving it together!

        aka: goofdad

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Marjorie said...

Just let him know we all love him.