Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As I said here, Julian was asked to participate in the school art competition.  He's finally done with his dragonfly, and I thought I'd share some pictures:

The dragonfly is made up of blued titanium, so it doesn't weigh much, and is about 6 inches or so long.  The legs are black coils wrapped around steel wire, the head is steel (the titanium got ordered in the wrong size).  The overall effect is incredible.  He's debating selling it, but considering it's about $75 or more worth of titanium, he'd have to charge a fortune.

Wish him luck in the contest, though!  Win or lose, he'll survive, and be stronger for it either way!

        aka: goofdad


goofdad said...

Just texted Julian ... he estimates there are around 2000 individually placed rings in this sculpture.

Really wish the pictures could capture the iridescence of the titanium!

Eric said...


Emily said...

Wow -- he should sell it. Put it on Etsy and start the bidding at $150. This is coming from someone who knows nothing about art, or etsy but this is what I hear, and it is really cool.

lisleman said...

found your blog via the five for ten blog challenge. I just found it today which as you know, it's at the end.
I commented up there that I didn't notice any daddy type blogs on the their list. Then I noticed a comment of yours and here I am.

This is only the second post of yours that I read so I have no idea how old the artist is but it's a great looking dragonfly.

I think blogging is great. I love the sharing.

all the best