Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's my birthday too, yeah!

For those not in the know, my son Adam was born the day before my 20th birthday.  That means that the day after his birthday ... is mine ;-)

I'm not going to make much of a blog post about my birthday ... I just couldn't resist the titles.  Instead, you get a (mostly) Wordless Wednesday!

Me, in my cube ...
Yes, I'm an avid RPG player, and Vampire is one of my favorite games ;-)
Hope you survived seeing pics of me ... I'll be back to my regularly scheduled, kid centered posts soon ;-)
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         aka: goofdad


This Daddy said...

Its your party, you can cry if you want to. Yeah man. Party. Happy Birffday Doug.

Your wife has a special gift for you

Kelly said...

Hope you have a great birthday. My wedding anniversary is tomorrow. It's a good week!

Eric said...

Happy birthday bud.. Have a blessed day...