Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

In the spirit of MckMama's blog, I'm going to tell you some of the things that didn't happen this weekend ;-)

Surely I didn't encourage my wife to take my pickup truck, fill it with laundry that's been piling up, and spend $100 at the laundromat to get it all done rather than making small dents in it over time.  We'd never let laundry pile up for that long ... wait ... with 9 of us, it's not very long, is it?

She definately didn't run my truck so low doing the laundry that I ran out of gas while picking up Topher on the way to church on Sunday Morning, leaving me to catch a ride from a fellow parishoner who saw me stuck on the side of the road!

I absolutely didn't schedule family time with my older boys at the same time as my weekly bowling league, thus making myself need to be in two places at once.

None of that would EVER happen to me and my family!

        aka: goofdad

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