Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my Bug is 14!

Ethan turns 14 today!  I meant to snap a picture of his sleeping face this morning, but forgot on my way out the door.  So I'll post a picture or two tonight when I get home.

In the meantime, it's time for a montage of memories:

18 months old, having just moved in with me, screaming in your crib, when your mother rolled over and said "There's a bug over there that wants you" (thus was born the nickname)

3 years old and still holding on to your pacifier like your life depended on it.  We had to hide those things, and you screamed for days!

3 years old and refusing to talk.  Walking into Bammy's house and saying "Grandpa!  Baseball!", climbing on Adad's lap to watch the game.  Pretending to be stupid when Bammy asked "What was that, Ethan?", and replying "GoqudkereaoweijkopaodntohieIaoe" (best transliteration of gibberish I got)

4 years old and on time-out for hitting your brother.  Bawling your eyes out.  "Do you want to get up?" I asked.  "*sniffle* ... *snort* Yes!" you replied.  "Are you going to be nice?" ... "*sniffle* ... *whine* NO!"

6 years old and starting School in a new state, spending Kindergarten in a school that we later found was closing that year.  Arguing with me over whether you ever went to that school or if it was just your brothers (I was there, young man ... I know I'm right)

9 years old on your first Scout Outing with the Webelos, going to the South Beach and the Hatfield Marine Biology Center.

10 years old doing Scout-O and getting totally lost with the map and compass.

10 years old getting in trouble for helping your sister on the way to school when she had a flat tire on her bike and couldn't control it.  I was so proud of you!

10 years old getting in trouble for racing the school bus on your bike!  Not so proud, this time.

The last two years, going to a school where, for the first time, you didn't have a sibling attending with you.  Watching you grow up overnight.

Watching your first concert playing the drums, your first parade in the marching band ... Hearing you play the piano for the first time and realizing that I totally missed you learn that.

Overall, being incredibly proud of the child you were, and happy to know the man you're becoming!

No trite quip about survival today ... Just need to say:

Happy Birthday Ethan!

For the fam: if, for some reason, you don't have Ethan's direct line, drop me an email and I'll send it to you so you can call him yourself to wish him a Happy Birthday.

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S. K. said...

The question used to be "who's baby are you?"
"Grampa's baby!", ever the reply. Then one day he stopped to reflect, and said, and yours, too.
Every time a child is born, so is a Grandma