Friday, February 19, 2010


One of the biggest things I'm looking forward to at the end of my Cub Scout career is having the time to go on outings with my older boys again.  When Julian was a WEBELOS, I started running short on time to split between my older two boys and Cub Scouts.  The Scout Troop was doing fine, so I discussed it with Adam and Jory (who were 12 and 14 at the time) and asked if they’d mind if I started focusing more on Cubs and less on them.  It was one of those tough choices as a parent  where there is no right decision, but one must be made anyway.  I knew I was going to miss many memories.  I knew I was, at least in part, sacrificing their scouting career for Julian’s.  I knew, though, that it was the best choice we could make at the time, and that we’d survive it.

But this weekend is Klondike.  It’s camping in the snow!  I know … everyone living through the snowpocalypse on the east coast think I’m crazy, but it’s one of my favorite outings.  I’m a California boy … we didn’t get snow unless we imported it!  It’s a little different here in OR, but not much.  You have to go up into the mountains to see the snow, and I can’t go! <pitiful whine>

I have a WEBELOS outing next weekend, and I simply can’t be out two weekends in a row … especially the weekends when we’re cleaning out our shop getting ready to shut it down. 

So it is with fondness that once again I send my older boys off (this time Julian and EthanTopher hasn’t been with us long enough to have gear for snow camping) while I stay home with the Cubs.  They whine and don’t want to go … I laugh inside, and remember all the times I whined when I was that age and went on to have a good time anyway.  The procrastinate, and don’t want to pack.  I remember packing for summer camp at 3 AM the day I was supposed to leave.

And all the while, I’m thinking … if Douglas hurries his Arrow of Light, he should earn it at Blue and Gold next year … then I’ll be fresh out of Cub Scout aged boys and I’ll get to go camping with the big guys again.  I might get to go to Klondike next year!

Wanna bet they don’t want to go with me?

I think I can survive that.

        aka: goofdad

PS: Kimberlee’s son Walter is going to be a Tiger Cub year after next.  She asked me if I was going to stick out Cub Scouts for him.  I had a good belly laugh at that.  Not on your life.  I’ve missed enough outings already.  Sorry, but I’ve served my time.

PPS: I'm adding this post to Fatherhood Friday, which I have just joined for their first anniversary.  YAY!

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