Monday, February 15, 2010

Blue and Gold Winner

This weekend our Cub Scout Pack had our annual their Blue and Gold Banquet.  My WEBELOS den represented itself very well during the “business” part of the meeting.  They did their skit on their own, while I stood in the back of the room and watched and cheered.  They earned over half the badges presented at the meeting.  I had 5 boys earn their WEBELOS badge.  All of my boys earned something, most of them earned several things.  It was very successful.

But, at least in our pack, honor is not won or lost on the “business” side … it’s all about the desserts.  Our Blue and Gold is a spaghetti feed followed by a dessert contest, where the boys were responsible for the desserts.  Douglas worked with Bammy to come up with an idea that they thought was praiseworthy for his dessert this year.  They made Hamburger Cupcakes!

They’re really simple, but labor intensive.  Basically, you take chocolate cake circles (we cut up chocolate cakes using a cup as a cutter), and white cupcakes split in half.  Add yellow, red, and white frosting (mustard, catsup, and mayo).  Assemble, and sprinkle with sesame seeds (a little milk helps them stick).

We actually added a little “to-go” box around one for presentation (it was a small plastic box that Bammy had lying around).  It really looked like a platter of miniature hamburgers.

The guest judges were tough.  We had three District Executives (two past, one current), and two representatives from our sponsoring church.  They argued.  They went back for seconds.  They hemmed and hawed.  They took for freaking-ever! wanted to make sure the right boy won.

Then it was time for the dessert awards.  The first award was “most creative” … which went to the scout who put bananas in hot-dog buns and added frosting.  I watched Douglas’ face crash to lose to such a similar idea.  “Most artistic” went to a boy who did a brownie pizza.  “Best Scouting”, “Best Tasting”, “Best in Theme” … all went to other boys, and I watched Douglas’ face sag a little more with each announcement.  I could hear him thinking “I sprinkled sesame seeds on those … were they not paying attention?!?!?” … or maybe that was what I was thinking … one can never tell.

And then they got to the “Silver Spoon” … the best-in-show award.  The one that has gone to the same kid 3 out of the last 4 years (he graduated into Boy Scouts, so it was really up in the air this year) … and guess what?  There’s a reason Douglas didn’t win any of the other awards.  His hamburger cupcakes took the #1 spot!

WHAM!  Two seconds from bummed to walking on air!  One happy Cub Scout … one proud daddy!  I went to take a picture of him holding the cupcakes in his uniform, but having won Best in Show, the cupcakes were GONE.  Below is another picture of them from before the judging.  I’ll post a picture of him with his “Silver Spoon” when it gets presented this week.
Someone please tell me hamburgers qualify as essential for survival?  Cupcakes?  hmm?
        aka: goofdad

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