Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Taking Sides

So … a couple years back the local Lutheran Church lost a third of their congregation, including their pastor, due to controversy over allowing homosexuals … to serve as lay ministers, to be members, to be priests … They, understandably, took it hard.  They’ve struggled, but they’ve survived.
For lent this year our church (St Martin’s Episcopal) is sharing Wednesday Night Soup Suppers with Our Saviour’s Lutheran.  This week we hosted.  It kindof feels like we’re taking sides, and I appreciate it!  YES, we’re taking sides.  We’re all God’s children, we’re all welcome!  Come, eat with us, pray with us, share with us.
I’d have shared the photo and left it a Wordless Wednesday, but I had to at least explain why it was commendable that we were all in line like cattle ;-)

        aka: goofdad

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Amanda said...

Yes, and the indigestion was/is worth it... and I love how Sylvia towers over most of us in the pic...